Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan

The Ryan Staffing Group approaches Private Service staffing with integrity and empathy. We understand that working in private service is very different from a traditional career path. While the agency is new, Founder Paul Ryan has over 15 years of direct experience working in Private Service staffing and recruiting

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In addition to having worked directly in the industry for 15 years, Paul Ryan was raised in a family that created an industry-leading Private Staffing agency. Paul’s mother, Karen Walker Ryan, is a well-known innovator in the Private Service Staffing space and created a very successful agency (Heartland Estate Staffing, formerly Estate Staffing by Heartland) that has been in business for 36 years and counting.

Paul also had the unique privilege of growing up on a 400+ acre working ranch where his father farmed and raised sheep and frequently hired ranch hands. This unique mix of experiences allows Paul to easily communicate and identify with both the property owners and the candidates needed to staff their properties.

Paul’s first professional position was within Estate Staffing by Heartland. He worked his way up from filing and data entry to becoming VP of the agency. In 2010, the business sold, and Paul left the industry briefly. In 2014, he returned to the former company he had once worked for (under new ownership and a new name – Heartland Estate Staffing).

In his role, Paul was responsible for several areas of daily operations, including client and candidate relations, office management, web maintenance, IT support, and dealing with vendors. Paul’s service-focused & professional background gives him a unique understanding of the challenges both candidates and clients face in finding the right match.

Paul recently left Heartland to start his own agency, the Ryan Staffing Group. He is eager to help contribute to the advancement of the Private Service industry.

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